I was sceptical about pursuing indigenous music as a woman – Ugoccie

Musician, Favour Ugochi Anosike aka Ugoccie has shared the challenges she faced when she wanted to start her career as a singer in the industry.

In a recent interview, the singer mentioned facing scepticism regarding her choice to pursue indigenous music as a woman.

She shared, “It would be people who think doing music indigenously as a woman doesn’t suit you, how do you think people are going to welcome it. I think it’s people thinking that there’s a language barrier for me and also doing music as an independent artist that is not under the backing of any label.”

Furthermore, Ugoccie said that her personality and infusion of storytelling into her music stands her out from the multitude of artists on the music scene.

She highlighted the uniqueness of her music style, attributing it to her individuality and storytelling technique. “I think what sets me apart is my style. The way that I do my music, the way I infuse storytelling and my personality as well, I think I have a persona to the music that I do,” she explained.