James Oluwajuwonlo Edahi, popularly known as Jaywon,was once a street boy before he found solace in music.

 He later found a home in Kennis Music but things didn’t work out as he planned with the label that he left for a greener pasture. Surprisingly, Jaywon is willing to go back to Kennis Music if the right agreement comes to him.

Jaywon said about going back to Kennis Music “For sure, I would want to go back but with a different arrangement and understanding . Many things have changed, you know. This is not the same type of industry we had back then . So, in order to remain relevant in today’s industry, one has to follow the trend very well.”

He said that he doesn’t see anything bad about having a baby mama “I have actually said a lot about this. I don’t really see it as bad or as a problem. My only fear is people should take responsibility for their children. In fact, I think we should have a law that will see anyone who does not take care of his or her child sent to jail. If anyone has ten baby mamas and can afford to take care of them, then it is nobody’s problem. I don’t care if you have 10 baby mamas but take care of the children you bring into this world. That’s what matters. Is it being married for a few months and separating that is good?”