When a lot of women are praying for bigger bo*bs, not Nollywood actress, Praise Sam Ogan, who wants God to reduce her own.  She is not willing to act unclad but kissing, if the scripts tell her so, she is not holding herself back. Being a preacher’s daughter has not been easy on her.

People criticized her for being a preacher’s child ‘Yes, they do. It’s normal. I don’t think I am the only preacher’s kid in the industry. The truth is that people will talk. It is my responsibility not to drag my family’s integrity through the mud.’


Talking about being busty “Oh my b**bs! I would (love to) reduce it. I am too busty for my liking. It causes unnecessary attention. If God comes now and says ‘my daughter what do you want me to do for you?’ I will beg God to reduce my b**bs. Though they look so beautiful but there are dresses you want to wear but because you are busty you will not be able to do so. The worst part is anytime I enter a place the first thing people will notice are my b**bs. That is annoying and so embarrassing.”

For women who go the extra miles for the busty chests, “Well, that is what they want. But I am not too comfortable with my big b**bs. It is just too big and attractive. The only issue I have with my b**bs is that I cannot wear a dress I love. When you are busty you have a limit as to what you can wear. I find that annoying.”