As an actor Ramsey Nouah will tell you he is accomplished and satisfied with the fame and popularity the tube has brought his way. Is he wealthy?
Well, he‘s comfortable and grateful to God for everything that has come his way, he’ll tell you. But there is one thing the half cast actor- whose father is half Israeli and half Iranian and a mother from Ondo State of Nigeria- misses, his privacy.

“I wish I could have my privacy back” he tells our correspondent Bridget Amaraegbu. What more he got to say? Find out as you read through.

Not too long ago you had an accident, did you see Baba God and just how did you manage to survive it?

The accident wasn’t as fatal as most people taught it was. I wish I’d seen God but I didn’t. I was only hospitalised for two days and that was it, but I was asked to bed rest for one month because I smashed my head and suffered blood clotting in my brain.

After that I was okay, and there was nothing else to it.

People have said a lot about your origin, let’s talk about your family background?

I’m of a mixed blood. My father is a bit of Iranian and Israeli and my mother is a Nigerian from Ondo State. I was born and bred here in Lagos.

Did you grow up with both parents?

No. My father was around till I was about 2 years old and then, they separated.

What was growing up like with a single mother?

It’s like any other single parent home. My mother is a very strong woman who taught me how to be respectful and strong, so I couldn’t be spoilt under her custody. Let me just say I learnt to live life in a very hard way from a tough woman.

Were you deprived of anything as a child growing up under the custody of a single parent?

While I was growing up yes, but then as a child, I wouldn’t understand if the paternity of a child was necessary.

How did you get into acting?

That was way back in 1990, I had a friend who always told me that I’m a good actor and urged me to give it a try so in 1991, I acted in Fortunes which later became Mega Fortunes. It came on air in 1993 on NTA and after that came the advent of Home Video and since then I’ve been acting.

What are the challenges you’ve faced as an actor?

I will not really call them challenges because being a good actor is something that comes from within. I will basically call it God’s gift and if it is not there, no matter how hard you try, you will find it difficult to do it well. I want to always give my viewers something better, working hard to make it better each day. My only is regret is the fame, I wish I could have a more private life.

When you initially started acting, did you face any kind of challenges?

There weren’t much challenges because I wasn’t trying to get to the top or any such thing, I didn’t see myself having any target to meet up with, I was not struggling to be better than Mr A or B as I was able to pay some school fee’s at a particular point and paying up some other bills. I didn’t have any foresight of what the industry would be in the future. On getting to this point I realised that acting can actually pay my bills and I’m happy.

At a point you were banned from acting movies, how did you feel then?

I was blacklisted by the marketers when they felt that they couldn’t work with some actors and actresses because of indiscipline on our part. They assumed we were not giving them back what they were asking for.

Why didn’t it come from the directors instead of the marketers or even the (AGN) Actors’ Guild?
The marketers are also the producers and as at then the AGN was not as functional as it is today.

Outside movies and acting, what else do you do?

Nothing, I’m just an actor.

Do you mean your pay as an actor is enough to pay all your bills?

Well, I’m not an extravagant person who tries to live larger than what he earns. Even though you cannot compare it to what is obtainable in Hollywood but then the pay is good. Nollywood started from virtually nothing to where it is today.

It has employed a lot of people who are not all rich but happy with their career. At least I have a good car, live in a good apartment and take care of my kids so what else do I want. I thank God for the height Nollywood has attained.

Which movie will you say made you famous?

The first one was Silent Night. It was my first in the industry and it made everybody to know me.
The next one is Dangerous Twins.

Do you consider Dangerous Twins your most strenuous movie?

I will say it was more demanding and tasking both physically and mentally because I had to act Mr A and B at the same time. Dressing up and coming back on stage to reply what I had earlier said was not easy at all but I enjoyed it.

As an actor, have you had any embarrassing moment?

Yes, I’ve had a couple of people throw pure water at me (laughing) and people pass vulgar. statement at me

Is there any new movie you are working on right now?

Yes. I’m working on something but the producers no longer title movies until when they are about to release it.

And when is it coming out?

I really can’t say for now. A lot of things have changed in the industry and you can’t really be specific but sometimes it can take up to a year or less.

If you have the opportunity of becoming the (AGN) Actors Guild President, what will you like to change?

First of all I’m not a good leader and I don’t know how to lead. But the one thing I’ll like to change will be the disunity amongst members. I’ll like to bring them together to love and care for one another.

When was your first encounter with love and what was it like?

I was 22 years old then and it was awesome as I enjoyed every bit of it.

How true is the rumour that you had a child out of wedlock?

It’s no rumour, it’s a fact. And the product of that liaison is my first daughter who is already ten years old. I got married in 2002. Yes, I did have a child out of wedlock. (Shaking his head as a proud father).

How have you been able to manage your home and career so well?

It’s based on mutual understanding on both side, I have a very understanding wife who understands my career and accepts me for who I am.

One more thing, we heard you are a wife batter, is it true?

I don’t know where that one is coming from and whoever is going about with such rumour is evil minded. May be they are just looking for something to say about me but I know that all my life I’ve never beaten any woman. I can be violent and very aggressive but not to the point of raising my hand on a woman. This rumour I can assure you is very far from me.