Dare, son of the late Art Alade and Nigeria’s representative in Project Fame, will be hosting the MTN Project Fame in Nigeria. He spoke about the project, his new album and other issues in this interview

Q: Dare, what has been happening to you?
A: Well, I have been working on my new album and other projects which I hope to release in November as well as launch in December.

Q: Your last album was not as popular as expected, what happened?
A: It did quite well, but this new one will do better because the sound is better and the music is also very good.

Q: Who is marketing the new album?
A: It will be marketed by my company named Soul Productions and, of course, it features people like 9ice, Tuface and others.

Q: What happened to you after Project Fame?
A: Currently, I am featuring in an MTN-sponsored Project Fame as the host because four years ago, I was a product of the same reality show in South Africa. So now, I am the host and we are at the audition stage.

Q: What is the financial commitment?
A: Well, my company, Soul Productions, was paid so, I don’t know the exact figure.

Q: What are the expectations?
A: Well, expectations are that the talents are good because we have brilliant talents in West Africa, especially Nigeria. I am sure the talents will be turned to superstars after the show since I am hosting it. People should expect the best in terms of presentation and bringing the actions to viewers at home. I am also helping in the making and discovery of superstars.

Q: You have some Yoruba tracks in your last album, should your fans expect Fuji, Apala or what exactly should they expect in the new one?
A: If that is your expectation, I think I did something very unusual with 9ice which I want you to watch out for. We are definitely working hard on the music and it is getting better.

Q: Is it a hip-hop album?
A: No, it is R & B.

Q: Your father, Art Alade, died 15 years ago, why is it that the Arts will not celebrate him as expected?
A: I think he was celebrated in his life time and after his death, as a man who touched people’s lives with his brand of music and entertainment, I think if one is able to do that for a short period of time, he had done his best. It is not about getting all the awards or making all the money, I think for that, he will be remembered for life. I hope to take over from there. As his children, we have always remembered him.

Q: Your album is entitled Underrated, Why?
A: It is creativity. I want my fans to remember Dare when they listen to his music.

Q: What kind of instruments do you play?
A: I play the piano and keyboard.

Q: What do you like most about your music?
A: Everything. I enjoy everything and it is a good thing I love what I am doing. I want to make the impact that I have to make so that everybody can appreciate the little things I am doing.

Q: What do you think about TV reality shows?
A: You know there are many reality shows and they are different from one another, but I like to be identified with the ones that are real. When you watch a reality show, you will know the serious ones from the fake because reality shows are not realistic and you know as much as I do, that reality show is about human life and everything about my life is a reality show as I am working on my future. That is my position on it.

Q: What is happening to your power bikes?
A: I am a family man now and have to take things easy because all the money I make is not for me, but for my family. I am running away from those things I used to do before and now making money for my family. I want to be alive to continue to enjoy it.

Q: I learnt that you have a very wild background?
A: You know, when you are young, you enjoy life, move, drink around and explore, but when you are getting older, you have to stop those things, especially when you have a family. At that time, you do what you feel like doing, but now, because of the family, you have to be sensible.

Q: And how do you manage the babes?
A: They are there, enjoying my music.

Q: You mean no side kicks?
A: That could be dangerous to your health