Bad breath is a common affliction and it may be due to poor hygiene. Unfortunately, the tendency in this part of the world to bad breath is apathy, despite the fact that there are mouth wash remedies in the market. They’re not usually beyond the reach of consumers as they cost between N500 and N700.

Dentists recommend regular brushing too, which some have found quite difficult to follow even though toothpastes cost less than N200. Bad breath can be quite embarrassing even in the privacy of your bedroom. Before your spouse. What would you do, if someone complains to you that your spouse has bad breath?

It’s a big slap when this happens, especially if someone tells me out there that my spouse has bad breath.
Medical research has revealed there are certain hormones responsible for it, but as long as one identifies his or her problem and shares it with another, it would no longer become shameful.
Among couples, in a relationship or in the family , it can be quite embarrassing . Bad breath results, for example, due to poor dental hygiene, eating late at night without brushing before going to bed, when some food particles get stuck in your teeth and you do nothing about it, chewing kolanuts without rinsing or brushing afterwards.

It can ruin a marriage, because the wife might not want to be so intimate with the husband in terms of kissing for instance. If my husband has it, it shows I’ve been negligent in managing him, and I would take steps to treat it.

I would pretend not to notice; say thank you to my friends, and others who noticed, then when I get home I would discuss it with my husband and together we shall consider seeing a dentist.

It can be quite bad and embarrassing, but anyway, I would tell whoever that noticed to mind his or her business, since I didn’t notice it. What’s the person’s business in such a private matter?
As long as I never noticed it, there is nothing anyone can say to convince me.