2018 BBNaija housemate Ifu Ennada has practically made judicious use of her stay in the house and her popularity as she starts up a money making business to boost her career.

It was announced that Ifu Ennada is set to start up her hair product sometimes ago as a birthday gift to herself as she turns a year older on 31st of May.

From her current post, the release date for the product branded “beautiful hair care product” is set to be launched on 1st June.

In her words; “My HairCare Line, beautIFU Ennada, @beautifuennada is here! We officially go public on June 1st. Starting from this moment you can pre-order while we count down to June 1st. Everyone who pre-orders will get something extra with their package.

I decided to start beautIFU Ennada with 2 products I know are essential to healthy hair growth. Natural, relaxed hair and kids can use it. First is beautIFU Ennada Aloe Vera and Amla Super Hair Growth oil.

Not only does this product contain the goodness of Aloe Vera and Amla which are great for fast healthy hair growth. It also contains 20 oils and herbs that work wonders on the hair and scalp. It helps to stop breakage and eliminate dandruff. This is the secret to my hair growth. The image you see in the flyer is all my 1yr old hair (it’s not photoshopped) and all I use for it is what I’m presenting to you.


The second product is our Flaxseed, Aloe Vera Gel and Almond Oil Leave in Conditioner. Please believe me when I say this is the best Leave in Conditioner, I’ve ever used. It softens the hardest hair instantly, detangles hair and helps with keeping it moisturised.

This product also contain the extra goodness of 20 oils and herbs that makes it great for your hair Producing my own HairCare Line is something I’ve been working on for over a year. After making the decision to go natural, finding the right products wasn’t a walk in the park and so I did loads of research, took some courses and finally worked with a team of professionals who trained in India and the US to bring beautIFU Ennada to life.

I’ve been stalling on showing you what I created because I was scared and I’m still scared. I want you to accept beautIFU Ennada and support me. I’m grateful for all your kindness and patience you’ve exercised in waiting for me. I intend to introduce more products as we grow. For now each of the products retail at 3,000 naira, but you can get it for 5,000 naira when you buy both.

Please preorder using the WhatsApp contact. We deliver worldwide.. Thank you once again and thanks to my awesome team.” Ifu Ennada wrote.