Nollywood money making machine, Omoni Oboli, is angry and the source of anger is the kind of people who claim they do not watch Nigerian movies in cinema because they are below their standards. Forgetting that these foreign movies they watch are depriving Nollywood of the needed cash.

Questions that these people often ask that make her angry, even as she explain that she has had to even take time out to explain to these kinds, that there is a different between home videos and cinema.

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“Some people really don’t know how to talk or they just feel like they don’t care. Sometimes, people say stuff like ‘I don’t watch Nollywood films.’ ‘Why should I pay to see your film?’ ‘How can I come to the cinema to watch home video?’


I’m like ‘it’s not home video, there’s a difference.’ There are some made for cinema Nigerian movies and there are home video movies. So, if you’re watching it in the cinema, it’s a made for cinema Nigerian film”

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The actress turned producer and director look to have resign to her fate as she say some people will never watch Nigerian movies.©