About twenty five years ago Nigeria was first taken by storm by Majek Fahek’s unique sound and the world called him the new Bob Marley –a prophesy that never saw the light of the day as stories flew from all quarters that Majek Fashek is hooked on hard drugs and alcohol.

Now Majek is set to reclaim his rightful place in the music industry in Nigeria with the release of his new album “weep not child” that features only 2baba.

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But first he had to clear the drugs allegations which he says are all falls “I spent 25 years in the United States and instead of them to promote me when I was living there; they said that I was on drugs.

I never used cocaine, I never used drugs. I was just sick for a while. I had to come home because charity begins at home. Nigeria made me before America made me. So I’m grateful to the Nigerian press.”

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On the album itself Majek said it is a piece of work that will stand the test of time and has the magic to bring Nigeria out of recession ‘Weep Not Children’, is his way of helping to bring the country out of economic recession.

“We are coming up with a new sound. The new sound is to help Nigeria come out of recession. We are suffering, but Nigeria is the one that named me rainmaker. I’m a good magician. So I’m going to do my magic so that the recession can end in Jesus name.

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“I’m coming up with a new album titled ‘Weep Not Children’. I wrote it because our children are weeping. And children are the future of every country, every community and every family. Children must be given attention.

We are in recession because the children are weeping. The Nigerian government does not care about the younger generation, and if we have to get out of recession, we have to appease the children,” he said© Nigeriafilms.com