Shina Peller is viewed as the King of Night life in Lagos given how poplar his night club, Quilox is among top society people and celebrities.


This popularity has not stopped the club from experiencing a healthy dose of problems. Prominent and most recent is the fight that ensued between a security operative of the club and Nigerian music super star Oritse Femi. Though the musician’s relationship and the club has returned to normal.

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The principal of the club has come out to declare that though he was not around on the night of the unfortunate incident, he has insisted that his operative did nothing wrong as proven by the security cameras of the club. He also explained the reason why he did not make the security footage public .

“That particular day, I was not around but I have seen the CCTV footage of what happened. The incident did not even happen in the VIP section of the club.That day, all the tables had been booked already and Oritsefemi did not have a prior booking.

He came into the club and he was able to talk to a customer that had booked a table. The customer agreed that he could join his table but also informed him that he was expecting some other guests.“Oritsefemi wanted some of his people to join the table and the customer that had booked the table had to notify the bouncers of the club.

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I don’t like to run people down because if I was someone that gets carried away with drama, I would have released the CCTV footage of what happened at the club and you would see who was at fault. The bouncer did his job by talking to Oristefemi going by the CCTV footage.”

Shina Peller said his bouncers are paid to do their job.

“I am sure you have not seen any proof that my bouncer did anything to the singer but you would see that it was Oritsefemi that did something to the bouncer. However, this is an issue that has been resolved.

We don’t kick A-list artistes out of the club,” he said.©