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The movie, “Iku Nikan,” was written and produced by Segun Ogunlade, a versatile movie director.

He was able to interprete the script well. It is a romantic movie that’ll not bore the viewers are bit. It is the story of how “Doyinsola” (Mercy Aigbe) an orphan, who inherited stupendous wealth and appreciable properties from her late parents, fell in love with the wrong guy (Kayode Akindina) before she was involved in an accident that affected her spinal cord.

ronto! Doyinsola finds out the hard way how deceitful some lovers can be, as her most trusted lover deserted her. But then, love comes in different shapes and sizes, as the cripple Doyinsola, trying to find love again, puts her dashing portrait photograph on the pages of a magazine for a would be suitor.

Mayor Kay (Segun Ogungbe), an irresponsible, womanizing popular television presenter decides to pitch his tent with the stunning beauty when he stumbles on the picture.He decides to give it all it takes to have the lady, even when he discovers she’s a cripple. But his mother and relatives would not want to hear that until he also loses his spinal cord in an auto-crash.The lovers eventually have the last laugh as the duo later gain the use of their limbs and spinal cords.

I want to state here, however, that it doesn’t sound logical for Mayor Kay, though a womanizer, to have fallen so much in love with someone he has never met, her beautiful face in her pictures in the magazine notwithstanding.

Secondly, Mayor Kay took so long to find Doyinsola. The conversation on the phone seems un-necessary and endless to me. It is another 3-star movie.