Umunna and the rest,

I have changed my mind about the zoning of a time ,before i was seeing it from the wrong prism,but now i can see and understand it from Naija pespective,therefore i am consenting to Zoning, as i present.

The capital of Nigeria has been zoned to the west and it was called Dodan barrack ,then it was zoned to the North and it was called ASO ROCK .We all know that Nigeria is a TRIPOD nation ,which means the remaining leg of the tripod must have it,s own part of the zoning for it to be acceptable and judged fair .

I am saying that it is time to consider moving federal capital to the east.

NNPC has a giant depot at Lagos with other great and giant oil companies ,then by ijora oloye and behind 7 up factory ,you will see multi tanks for this oil companies.

In Kaduna there is this depot that is holding crude that can last for the next 50 years,it was channeled under ground ,above ground all the way from port harcourt ,which means the west and the north has received her own Oil depots ,and there is none zoned to alaigbo .

It is time ,East receive her own oil depot according to the principle of zoning things.

There is Lagos Wharfs ,including TINCAN ISLAND AND APAPA WHARF which is situated to serve the west ,then there is this CHAD,NIGER BORDER which serve the north ,we all know that the north exchanged their own water for desert sand or say sand dune.So they have accepted their own zoning in that order .But in the east there is no Wharf nor border that serve as port .which means we really need to have our Onitsha River dredged and a port build out there to serve the east ,in other to make sure that the TRIPOD is not lopsided.

Back to political Zoning,Lagos has Murtala Muhamed international airpot ,Abuja has Nnamdi Azikiwe International airpot ,Kano International airpot which makes it 2 airpots for the North.Why is it that the remaining part of the TRIPOD has none ?,obu aguba ji ghara idi nko ,ka obu nwa mgbeke amaghi akpu ?.

All the bridges and roads in Lagos are build by Julius Berger ,same thing in the north but i am sure that Julius Berger did not know his way to the east ,unless he came on sight seeing and not project execution.

Why did,nt they use Julius Berger to build our second Niger Bridge and all this abandoned federal roads ? instead they are zoning more money to the north and west.

Now ,i remember that under Maurice the fraud iwu , they zoned to him only 3 billion Naira for election ,but see JIGA from the North ,he asked for 72 billion and they gave him 87.6 billion and tell him “DON,T MENTION”.

Now PDP Northern section said there was an agreement for the presidency to be zoned to the north,and i ask ,if there will be a worthy election come 2011 ,having in mind that we have JEGA-ED 87.6 BILLION for that wasteful exercise ,why do the north still think that we need zoning now to make a president ?

Do they think that if there should be free and fair election that Pdp will win another election in Nigeria ,having the 12 years of ruins they left behind in mind.

Which mean with the 87.6 billion Jega Fund ,they are not planning of having a free, talkless of fair election in 2011 ?.

Somebody should please pass me the CAKE ,it is time for me to take my own zoned portion.

Mazi Odera
We report it hot from the spot