It is no fallacy that Israelites (God’s own people) spent 400 years in the wilderness while journeying to the promised land. Though I’m not a good Bible student but it is written that the journey wasn’t an easy one. They wept for lack and dryness so much that they blamed Moses for bringing them out of the land of Egypt (land of bondage). That was when God sent manner from heaven which they ate as food. Sorry,
I didn’t mean to sound religious but it is just to let you know that wilderness experience is as old as humanity.

Today, people still experience this. Wilderness is of course no respecter of persons. It can strike the high and mighty if care is not taken. And when a person is in his wilderness, he is dejected, abandoned with just little help. Some people actually die in it, that’s the fact! That could be what is happening in the life of Majek Fashek, the rainmaker.?

Those who have seen him recently said he is languishing in his own wilderness (lack and penury). This artiste who was once adored by all Nigerians when he released Send Down the Rain, a popular hit in the 80s now finds it difficult to feed, ‘na waoh o’. Residents of Anthony Village where he stays can attest to this because they regularly see him begging for money. With the look of things, it seems this act is going to tarry long in his wilderness as he has lost his international passport which makes it difficult to travel back to ‘Obodo Oynibo’ where he was staying and he is addicted to alcohol and some other harder stuff. He has no abode of his own. ‘Chei’ the journey of life is far. If anyone had told you in the 80s when he was waxing stronger in the musical world that Majek would in the nearest future become a ghost of himself you would have doubted it.