If oozing of sex, dancing raunchy and singing suggestive songs is what it takes to get hooked, then Komole act, Goldie (Susan Harvey), would have been hooked for real. However, the reverse seems to be the case.

The self-styled Pop star recently disclosed that despite the sex kitten image she has cultivated over the years, there was no special person in her life.

According to her, the reason could be because of her aura, which members of the opposite sex probably find intimidating because they become tongue-tied when they get close up.

“Probably they are intimidated by my person,” she opened up to ShowBuzz, “but when it comes to the brass tasks, they really can’t express themselves. I am married to my music and I have other projects around me.”

If there is no man in her life, how is she coping with sexual pressure: “I think sex is a thing of the mind. You don’t let your mind take control you. I own my mind and I control it. Right now I am having a robust affair with myself. I am in love with myself and having a beautiful romance with me.”

Her close pal and singer, Zeal (Elizabeth Akinlabi), recently had a baby girl. Are there any plans to start making babies soon?

“No. I just feel that rather than make more, I should take care of the ones we already have. There are a lot of kids needing attention and love out there so I want to reach out to them. Also, my career comes first for now. If I take three years out of my career, it would have serious implications so, what I want now is a ready made baby that I can take care of; I can’t have babies for now.”

However, she disclosed that she was once a victim of a heartbreak: “I am writing about my feelings, about people that have hurt me in my new album. Once upon a time I met someone I felt really loved and cared about me. But I found out later that the person was just a wonderful liar. I don’t want to talk about it. When you buy my album you will listen to it. My new album is very introspective.”

How does she relax? “I like gossip, I like doing amebo.”