Maybe, it is not everyone that will support OAP Freeze this time. How will he see a dying child and leave the child to die just because you believe they will end up becoming evil? That question is the bone of contention.


He gave a lot of instances when parents use their kids for nefarious activities only in the name of making money.

He asked “Quick question: Was that priest an agent of God or an agent of the devil? Hitler went on to kill 6 million Jews alongside almost 1 million others who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Shouldn’t he have died by drowning jeje at 4 years of age and spared us the genocide? If not for the priest there would never have been the torture rooms or gas chambers, Hitler was renowned for! Now guess what ISIS studied NAZI methods to create their own version of ‘Hitler youth’ according to reports, meaning that Hitler continues to kill even in death!

He said that the moral of his story is this “It is not everyone you should ‘save’ or ‘saving is not of God…It’s of the devil!”

Many of his fans do not agree with him.