Former MMMG singer, Baci has opened the lid about his six years affair with the label, without being signed like producer Selebobo , Singer Tekno , and more recently Tonye Garrick.

He said Ubi and Iyanya did the business verbally without putting the contract on paper. But he is not angry that things never worked out among them.

He revealed “I’ve never been officially signed on to MMMG. As it is, it feels like nothing is happening for me, so I figured instead of sitting all the while and waiting, let me just go all the way and push as I can, leave doors open for people to see what I can do and come for me.”

He added  “It has always been that I would be signed. There was a verbal agreement between myself and the management, that as time went on, with my process in MMMG, I was going to be signed. I lived it there, and nothing came to be, No written agreement came…I kept working all the years, learning in the process,travelled and had experiences….I figure that it was time to move on as nothing came by. It is roughly six years now, and I was never officially signed. I kept working based on loyalty, but it’s time to move on.”