Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, is yet to escape the the axes of fans who still come out to call her out for still being single after her failed marriage some years ago.

The actress had written about her current status that she is wanted by many but taken by none while she sits to look at some people but waiting for no one.

She got a fast response from a fan who urged her to go get married as it was bad for a pretty lady like her to still be single without a husband.

According to the fan, “Stop talking rubbish, go and marry. It is a big shame that a beautiful woman like you does not have a husband.”

But Juliet while reacting stated that “social media has given all kinds of people the power to act like they know or can live others life for them.”

She also noted that everyone has their own life to live and so “before asking someone to remove dirt from their eyes, check your own eyes first. If it’s clean you can then help that person.”