Nigeria singer, Iyanya who came to lime light through one of Nigeria’s most popular talent show, project fame, has been rocking the industry consistently.

With hit singles back to back, he has been on his game with no sign of relenting. Iyanya has been one artiste with controversies, mostly women related.

Despite, all controversies he swam in, he never sunk, he persevered in making good music, and continued to be relevant in such a competitive industry.

This morning, the singer made an announcement via his social media account, that he would be leaving his label, MMMG really soon to float his own label.

Like we all know that artiste floating their own label has been an ongoing trend for a while now, but what baffles is the fact that Iyanya is said to be a co-owner of MMMG.

Has he sold his percentage to Ubi Franklin? Or the story was never true from the onset? This are lingering questions that answers are required.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed as more update of his exit from MMMG would be unveiled really soon.