Since Iyanya talked about floating his own music label, there have been talks of things not been great between Ubi Franklin and Iyanya who are co-owners of MMMG. Fingers were pointed Ubi’s wife, Lilian Esoro as one of the reasons why Iyanya wants to leave. It was alleged that mismanagement of their finances and marriage to Lilian was an issue too.


Iyanya has denied the stories surrounding his desire to float a label. He went ahead to say that Lillian is a good cook.”All these are lies …I’m not fighting Ubi ..His wife is the best woman in the world for him,she is a good woman.She’s a good cook too. You guys please chill.all …”

But some fans are not asking that. They insist that there is no smoke without fire and were not happy that he had to talk about Lillian’s cooking skills “Why does cooking have to be associated with women when trying to describe how good they are? Is that all they are created for? What’s wrong with “she’s a hardworking and industrious woman”

 We hear you,at least she can cook not like Noble Igwe that the wife can cook and he keeping eating at a restaurant