Award winning director, Jeta Amata, is preparing to come out with his most recent job, the first musical film produced by Keke Bongos called INALE.

The movie is a story of enchantment and intrigue, a legend of bravery and valour. Its theme revolves around the test of true love, and restoration of peace between warring communities.

The lead actress of the movie, Inale, played by Caroline Chikezie, is the beautiful daughter of the great King Oche of the Idoma people in Idomaland, Nigeria. Her beloved Odeh, played by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, must win their customary wrestling tournament to take Inale’s hand in marriage.

The villagers had gathered for the big ceremony only to find a stranger in their midst, that challenges not only the tradition of the village law, but the strength of Odeh and Inale’s true love.

The sound track of the movie featured original songs performed by Bongos Ikwue, along with special appearances from Ini Edo, Keppy Ekpenyoung, and Dede Mabiaku.