Popular Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke has disclosed why he is not following any account on his Instagram page. According to the Nollywood actor, he doesn’t follow anyone on his account because he sees the platform as a marketplace.

Iyke stated this in an interview with media personality, Temisan Emmanuel, of Tea with Tay podcast, which was published on Friday.

A check on his account shows that the actor is being followed by 2.4 million Instagram accounts, but not following any account.

He further stated that Instagram is a pseudo reality and it’s not what people want to take as their everyday life.

Iyke said, “From day one I got on social media, I didn’t want to follow anybody. I wanted to establish the fact that this is a market place. It’s a pseudo reality there. It’s not what people want to take as their everyday life.

“If you see any of my posts, it’s tailored. I don’t post about my family. I don’t post my pleasures. There are certain things I think should be left for one to experience alone.

“There are three tiers of life that I live. I live the private life, the public life, and the secret life.

“Social media is public life. If I want to make a statement in style, if I want to make a statement on my ideology and principles, if I want to market something, or if I want to set a new understanding on my opinion of something, that is where I should be.

“If I’m having a good time with people that don’t mind being on that platform,I go there.”

The actor added that he is protecting his kids from social media so that their actions would not be judged by people on social media.

“I have kids that run the mall at every part of the world and no one will say, ‘I know that face.”