Nigerian actor and director, John Njamah has said he is always ready to work with any actor who is ready to work with him, but not a superstar.

He made this known in a chat with the Nation newspaper while responding to the question on why Nollywood industry now has more of the Ghanaian actors playing lead roles than their Nigerian counterparts.

According to him, “I can’t answer that because it differs from one producer to another. How it affects me is different from how it affects the other person. For me, I can’t be bothered if you suit my character regardless of where you are from.

“I don’t like working with superstars. I like working with actors. If you term yourself a superstar, no, you won’t work with me. But if you want to work with me as an artiste and you suit the character, you will work with me.”

“Gone are those days where you say he has a market face or she doesn’t have a market face. It has never worked for me and it will never work for me. I just finished a job for Mo’ Abudu, Ebonylife. We were not particular about a market face or no market face. I used fantastic sets of actors and it worked for me,” he added.

Speaking on why he is still single, John explained that he is in a relationship and hopes to settle down before the end of 2015.

“Haa they have snatched me. In fact, my life has not been the same since I’ve been snatched. This life that I’m living is not my own. Madam will soon call right now (asking) that ‘really are you okay! You didn’t call me. Very soon. All things being equal, it should be this year” he said.