THE responsibility of raising a family no longer rests solely on the man in the present day society. It is now a responsibility jointly shouldered by husband and wife. Expectedly, the couple should finance it from a common purse in form of a joint account. Ironically, this has seldom been the case as most people, especially wives are loath to the idea of keeping the same bank account with their partners. Yemi Ojeleye went out to seek the views of a cross-section of Nigerians on the desirability of a joint account between couples. Excerpts:

Mrs Funke Omolade, a security officer at Cocoa Dome said“separate account is better; I consider it safer having the signature of any of my children as my second signatory to withdraw money from my account instead of my husband; I’ll even prefer my first born.” She said further that with the civilisation in the society, “I can’t keep money in the same account with my husband.” In conclusion, she said that what is happening in the society has taught her a lot of lesson, not to keep money in the bank account with her husband.

According to Mr. Wale Olasupo, “It is not good because there is need for privacy”. “This privacy is not for me alone, but for my wife too. Considering a time I will be away from home either abroad or even within the country for weeks, she may need to do certain things without waiting for me before she can withdraw money from the account to meet some financial expenses and vice versa. Moreover, the fact that we maintain separate account does not mean she will not enjoy me. Love is not all about enduring your privacy, but enjoying it.”

“Another reason why I said joint account is not safe is that for a woman to know her husband’s financial capability is dangerous –letting her know your financial strength, it doesn’t mean love. God ordained a man as the boss in a home, so he deserves privacy pertaining his bank account.

Mrs. Queen Uzoma objects having a joint account with her husband .“It is not easy,” she said, but if you have the fear of God in you and your husband too has, you can have joint account. I’m emphasising it that I cannot maintain one account with my husband “men are trickish”. He will not give the exact amount I need though we both have the money kept in the account.

Mrs. K. Adedoyin said, “I can’t have a joint account with my husband.” I observe that women love men, but men on their side do not reciprocate the love because they change after marriage, not fulfilling all the vows made before the wedding and on the wedding day. Some men marry another wife and if a woman has been maintaining a joint account before the new wife comes in, then trouble begins since the new wife will be taken care of from the money you and your husband sweated for.

“Another problem is when your husband dies, and you have a joint account, whenever the family of the husband comes, they will take all the properties claiming their son has them all, including the money the wife also worked for. Then you stand to gain nothing, but lose everything. This has made me conclude in my heart that I can never have a joint account with my husband; it is not safe!”

Mrs. Peju Oni, in her reaction to the issue said “I can never keep an account with my husband. He may tell me to lend him some money from our jointly kept account, but will not return with the excuse that he has used it for the family growth, but if I have my separate account, whatever amount I declare to him that I have, he has no choice than to accept. He cannot force me to lend him money, nor withdrawing money from my account by force.”

Mr. Segun Adegboye in his own view said, “Why not, I can use the same account with my wife. since we are one, there is no danger keeping money in the bank account. It is for our good.”

Mr. Tunde Anifowose said “It is safe.” “Everyone knows the type of wife he has; I trust my wife and I believe she cannot dupe me. I can boast of having my name and my wife’s on my properties and this is to tell you that I can do anything jointly with my wife (bank account, house(s), car(s), etc).”

He further said “it is good to marry a good wife/husband so that he/she can be everything to you; as for me, my wife is my mother regarding her role as both my wife and the mother of my children.

“Having joint account with your wife is a good thing but the subject is trust.”

Mr. James Ukaegbu, a trader said “having joint account with my wife is not safe. I don’t like it and “I tell my wife to have her own bank because having the same account causes problem in the home.If a husband and wife should have joint account, it won’t be safe because as husband, you cannot take money from the account. He said “ it is not that I don’t trust my wife, but it’s better I have my own separate bank account.”