The rate at which the African celebrities are being impersonated lately on social media networks is becoming alarming. It baffles those in the entertainment industry that when they go online particularly on facebook to look for favourite celebrity, they are greeted with over hundred profile parody accounts of the same celeb. Not withstanding that hundred of persons can bear the same name coupled with the celebrity in questions image, these fake account holders go to the extend of robbing innocent people out there of large sum of money in the name of the ‘Original’ celebrity charity.

Juliet’s image appears in all the result.

Yesterday decided to go on facebook, in a search of one of the sexiest diva’s Ghana can boast, in the person of Juliet Ibrahim, we discovered that the actress has exposed 11 importers by writing on their walls. On Juliet Mariama Ibrahim: “This user is a scammer; Mariama is not part of my name. On imposter 2: “I was not born on July 19th, my bday is March 3rd” etc.

About a month ago, another fake account was created and on that wall, Juliet Ibrahim got jarred to the senses, “I knw u are currently on my friends list! God go punish u, evil witch!” her word for word.

It’s been almost two month when a disabled Nigerian was arrested inside Teshie 1st Junction after he used Van Vicker’s ID to fraud a white lady. According to an eye witness, the physically challenge ‘Anago’ man screamed after almost succeeding in frauding a white lady. Lack eluded him when National security personnel who were sitting besides him in the café caused his arrest.

In an interview with Juliet, she justified her reason for pointing out her importers. “Could you believe the fake Juliet Ibrahim succeeded in luring a fan who I met in the States recently for $15,000 US Dollars in the name of my foundation? Infact, I repeat, God will punish him/her.”

Juliet pleads with her fan to be aware of fraudsters. “Beware of scam; my facebook page is Juliet Ibrahim Safo (Original fanpage). Help me report these importers to facebook and to the Police if you know those behind it.” She added.