Junior Pope: I defamed E-Money to boost my page, arrested blogger begs for mercy

A blogger identified as simply Stanley has confessed to making a video to defame businessmen, Emeka Okonkwo, aka E-Money in order to boost his page.

The blogger, who was apprehended by operatives of the Lagos State Police Command, said that all that he said concerning E-Money in the video were not true.

The suspect was paraded before newsmen at the command’s headquarters, Ikeja.

Speaking during the parade, he said, “I did a video about E-Money. I said a lot of things that are not true in that video, that is why the police arrested me.

“I said something regarding a video I saw online about a woman – saying that Sir E-Money is responsible for the things that happened to Nollywood actor John Odonwodo, aka Junior Pope’s case.

“I said something like that, I also said that Sir E-Money was also having an affairs with Junior Pope’s wife. I have never in my life met E-Money. Everything I made in that video was not true.

“I made the video out of trying to boost my page traffic level, I never knew it will go viral the way it went. I don’t have bad intention to tarnish Sir E-Money’s name. I was just making the video, I didn’t know it will go such wide.

“I know the contents of the video were wrong of me to have made. I don’t know the video will escalate to that extent.”

Confirming his arrest earlier, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, said Stanley will be prosecuted for the defamation he did in his online video.

Hundeyin disclosed that the 24-year-old suspect was nabbed at Uromi in Edo after the businessman submitted a petition to the police.

“He is going to be prosecuted because the things he engaged in were criminal in nature. He has allegedly defamed E-Money and he is going to be prosecuted.

“We are not prosecuting the suspect because of the personality involved, but because he has allegedly committed crime, the personality goes through the normal channel by reporting the case to the police and we investigated and arrested the suspect.

“If one is defamed and you only talk about it on social media, you have not reported the case yet to the Police, it doesn’t work that way. The best thing to do is report at any police division, area command or police headquarters, we will take it up,” he said.