Nigerian actress and social activist, Kate Henshaw on Saturday, March 18 addressed those who are supporting different forms of ‘evil’.

In statement published on Twitter platform, Henshaw who has been outspoken during the 2023 general elections decided to speak specifically to those who seem to applaud the cruel methodologies employed by predominantly political thugs for the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC).

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In her post, the actress stated that those who are in support of the ruling party’s approach to disenfranchise those who want to support opposing parties will backfire in due time.

The actress went further to threaten those who are writing “rubbish on her timeline”

Read what she wrote on Twitter,

“The same evil you support and defend will turn around and bite you…

I will block your handles into the 10th generation if you write rubb!&#h on my TL!!

Are you crazy????

Poverty stricken lot!!

You will receive your just reward…”

Earlier Kate Henshaw revealed she was attacked by political thugs at her polling unit.

Henshaw also called out those responsible for the threats, reminding them that they are public servants and that she has taken note of their actions.

She captioned the video, “No one, I repeat no one can threaten me!!! I have every right to vote for whomever I want. No amount of abuse & vitriol will stop me from carrying out my civic duty!!

She further stated, “No one can intimidate me!! I have every right to carry out my duty No amount of abuse or vitriol will work.. You are a public servant!! I have taken note of all your thugs!!”