Being a big player in the movie or nightlife entertainment sector doesn’t give you right to break the rules as you like and get away with it and so did the security at Black and White Ball put together by softsell print Encomium Weekly did act.

Ken Caleb Olumese of Nightshift Coliseum, Actor Saheed Balogun, Bacchus Nightclub chief Frank Okamigbo were among the celebrities bounced and denied entry into The Encomium Black and white Ball for their refusal to comply with the dress code.

EVery effort to get in by ‘recognition’ failed as the bouncers working with the directives from the Publisher stayed adamant – you are dressed in white or black or you hit the road back home. Nothing Ken Caleb Olumese of Nightshift Coliseum, Saheed Balogun and Frank Okamigbo did got them inside the venue.

The 25th June event took place at Darlington Hall, Ilupeju and the security/bouncers denied every individual who failed to appear at the venue in white and black including celebrities…..

The absence of two Night club owners didn’t see a limit in the bottles of Champagne and cognac made available to guest – the event was star studded like previous editions.