Albinism Pageant

In a bid to mark its 10th anniversary and to show case the beauty of those born with albinism; the Kenyan Albinism Society organized the country’s first Mr and Miss Albinism pageant.

This is one of the strategy brought by the society in order to be able to curb the stigmatization experienced by these people in the country.

Speaking about the event, the first Kenyan MP with albinism, Isaac Mwaura, said,”There are beautiful albinos who feel good about themselves,”

Jairus Jzay and Loise Lihanda emerged winners of the contest.
People born with Albinism have not been treated with dignity in countries in southern and eastern Africa, like Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi and Mozambique.

Some people seek to get their body parts for rituals as they believe that it brings good luck and fortunes but this type of treatment is very rare in Kenya.