Popular Yoruba actress, Jumoke Olatunde George has warned against the dangers of entering into relationship with someone who doesn’t support one’s career path.

She made reference to her own ugly experience with a lover who wanted her to quit acting because he wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Immediately I got pregnant, I started having issues with him. He didn’t want me to act and I said no way. Nobody can stop me from acting.

“That was the genesis and the revelation of our problem. It got to a stage we did not get along anymore,” she revealed.

The actress said that she had to leave him with the kids when the public humiliation and pain became unbearable.

She said, “The father of my children then was fond of coming down to my rehearsal ground. In those days, we had our rehearsal at the Cultural Center, Mokola in Ibadan.

“So, he came there almost daily to beat me and it got to a stage that my colleagues had to fight for me. But when I could not stand it anymore, I left, but I did not go with my kids, the children were with his mother.”

-Akin Sokoya