A woman by name Nancy Chidera who falsely accused Mercy Johnson-Okojie of sending thugs to beat up a teacher who Mercy said bullies her daughter, has issued an apology to Mercy.

Chidera had claimed that Mercy taught her children to be tyrants and when her daughter, Purity, was cautioned by a teacher, Mercy visited the school, Chrisland School, to fight while the teacher didn’t say a word to Me

Mercy then went to her daughter’s school to defend herself with proof.

Nancy has now apologized via a video she made saying, “I was misinformed. I didn’t have first hand information of everything.”

She added: “I believed what I saw over what must have transpired before ever I got there and I based my judgement on that.”

She said she’s been receiving several death threats since she posted about the incident and she’ll like to apologize and ask everyone to take it easy on her because of her mental health.