Wonders, they say, shall never cease was supposed to be the title best describe the indecent behaviour of this Lagos big boy who is one of the stake holders in corporate security sector. Lara, is beautiful and used to be one of the female security guards employed under the security arm of this big boys business. Although, it’s a known fact that, lord as he’s referred to by his employees, is a chronic womanizer owning to the number of girls he camps under the pretext aiding their career, sometimes office romance can not be totally wiped out. Well, this female guard, Lara, we gathered, on a number of occasions, had been sexually molested by president of the conglomerate at their office on an expanse of land on the Island . This highly respected son of the land who is equally doing well in the tourism arena is alleged to have been caught pants down by his estranged girlfriend. The crisis which is said by close sources to have been the genesis of the break between him and this promising female entertainer was said to have been covered up for public consumption. However, this dirty act of presido as he’s also called has become something a lot of people are beginning to wonder if it’s ordinary. Well, there’s a story of a particular girl whom presido was said to have aborted for.we shall file the full detail soon