Nollywood veteran actress, Kate Henshaw has called attention of motorists in Lagos State to the new Lagos State Revenue Generation Drive, which allows Lastma officials to steal plate numbers of vehicles parked on roadside, arraign the vehicles in owners absence and sentence to community service or fine of N20, 000 0r N25, 000.

“How true is this new Lagos State revenue generation drive where Lastma “steals” number plates of people parked on the road to use ATM? No doubt Lagos State is trying to provide a world class environment but at what cost to the residents?

“So do we carry our cars on our heads while trying to use the ATM? Unless the person parks illegally, why ‘steal’ his plates?? At least put “No Parking” signs and then truly one would be in violation if they disobey. To now entrap, lure and “steal” their plates.

“I’d like to bring to our attention the new law on vehicle parking in Lagos State which was recently implemented (I believe) by Lagos State, and enforced by Lastma.

“Vehicles parked by the side or on the curbs of some major roads now have their vehicle number plates removed. The owner of the vehicle is then arraigned before a mobile court in absentia and fined.”

“During the visit of the Chief Security Officer of my establishment to the mobile court last week, he witnessed many motorists who were sentenced to 2 weeks of community service at the Gbagada General Hospital or a payment of a fine of N15,000.00 or both. Both processes of appearance in court and payment of the fine at Skye Bank, Alausa branch are tedious.”


“I had a very terrible experience yesterday morning on my way to work and I want people to learn from it. At about 10 am, I parked in front of a bank to use the ATM, I had barely come down from the car when I saw somebody videoing the vehicles parked in front of the bank.

By d time I opened my car, I saw a fleet of Lagos state branded vehicles n so many people came down and started removing d plate number of cars including mine. I came down from d car n forcefully tried stopping them from removing my plate number, explaining to them that I just came to use the ATM, then one of the police officers said to me “madam it’s beyond us o, the Chief Judge is in that bus”.

I then went to the chauffeur driven beautiful bus in the fleet where I was told by the police escort to go n talk to d team on d road. The vehicles’ plate numbers were removed, including mine n they put a paper in front of my car to come to Alausa. Before going to Alausa, I went in to see them in the bank and I asked them is this how you allow ur customers 2 b maltreated?They responded n I quote “they don’t even know how 2 go about this Lagos revenue drive”.

On getting to Alausa, we were asked to wait, that d Chief Judge 2 sit at d mobile court is still on the road and they had an overflowing office filled with people . To cut my long story short,they already opened a case file for each of their so called offenders and they advised me to plead guilty before the magistrate otherwise the case will be adjourned till further notice “can you imagine that”?

Eventually, I was charged, guilty with a fine of N15k or an option of one week community work n some had N20k or N25k fine as d case maybe with an option of one month imprisonment etc.A lady said she was inside Tantalizer in Ogba when her plate no. was removed both d prosecutor n d defender’s lawyers were provided by d State Government.

Can you beat that? All they were saying was Lagos state needs to generate more revenue. My questions are: Must our dear State generate its revenue at the expense of its citizens?”

“Where are we then supposed to park when visiting banks, eateries and shops? As we are meant to believe that most of the available spaces in front of the banks and other buildings are Government setbacks.”

“These questions and more need answers. Forewarned is forearmed as they were also spotted on Ajose Adeogun