Love is that emotion that seems to have a strong grip on almost all human beings. Some have fallen in and out of love. Inspite of the tiny pinches, punches and hurts that are part of love, many would rather stay in an anamia love relationship than stay alone.

There are so many people especially women, who rush into relationships, stay like caged animals, asking no questions until the love bubble bursts. And the tears start flowing.

Florence Ugo a dietician said when starting a relationship, questions must be asked by both parties so that nobody operates on assumption or takes the other for granted.

But, not many people find it easy to ask questions. For those who ask, they like to know how things are while others are scared of the answers.

When in any relationship, it is good to keep your eyes and ears open, when your loved ones start exhibiting any of these signs, you need to be at alert.

Possessive and jealous.

Such people crave to know where you are and what you are doing at all time.

The person may be so keen with this spreoccupation to the extent that he/she doubts your sincerity. The truth is that this person is not sure of his/her seat and therefore transfer the doubts to you. At the end of the day, the behaviour will make you feel stifled.

Mystifies self

The type of person consciously avoids discussing himself. He has tact in steering conversation away from himself. A per who does this repeatedly surely has something unpleasant to hide.

Involvement with family

Some people grow up either being too attached or distant from their families; they find it very difficult heading independent lives. When you are having a relationship with a person in this category, you will find out that he or she is always consulting the family over issues which you would have loved to participate in.

You’d end up playing a second best. On the other hand, if the person is too distant from the family the person lacks emotions. He or she leads a very, very mechanical life.

Attitude to love making

Some people, especially men love to take a little shot of alcohol to put them in the right frame of mind and body to make love. This may come on unnoticed as many couples usually make love after the day’s wining and dining out. A person addicted to little lifts will always insist on some thing to drink. This is not particularly healthy when caught without the inspirational drug.

Frequent visit to an ex-friend

This type of person believes in eating his cake and having a steady affair with his ex. Such a person needs to be closely watched.

Some people can’t resist smoldering others with love. Their idea of love is the cling suffocating type that hardly gives you a breathing space. They ought to be with you all the time rather than let you off for a couple of minutes.

In a relationship like this, you hardly have time to unwind and may easily become irritable. This person is suffering from deep seated insecurities and may stifle you.

Cash problem

A couple of people have problem managing money. They are capable of spending huge amounts in a couple of seconds. They believe in let’s eat today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

People who use money this way often resort to borrowing money for things they ought not to.

At the end of the day, you may not have peace as people may come in daily to demand for their fund.

People in this category can never be reformed, if you try to; they may end up feeding you with loads of lies.