One of Nigeria’s leading real estate companies, CMB Building Maintenance and Investment has concluded a record breaking mutually beneficial transactional agreement by inviting a foreign partner, a dynamic Polish company, Vertical Design & Build for affordable housing project.

The flourishing real estate and investment firm, CMB with over thirteen years of industry experience and 18 landmark housing projects spreading across Lagos, Abeokuta and Abuja recently attracted an international building and construction concern, Vertical Design & Build for a collaborative efforts to ease the herculean housing challenge in Nigeria.

In a rare public presentation, the Chief Executives of the two international brands, Kelechukwu Mbagwu of CMB and Blazej Binienda’s Vertical Design & Build brought the importance of the global village advancement to bear during a live telecast beamed to a selected audience drawn from members of fourth estate of realm.

It was a hi-tech official presentation and press briefing that had the team of Vertical Design & Build being televised LIVE from Poland whilst the management of their Nigerian counterpart, CMB was responding to the gentlemen of the press on the epoch making corporate synergy.

The managing director of the Poland based Vertical Design & Build, Blanzej Binienda revealed that, the company is a dynamic Polish company with over 33 years of professional hands-on experience in the European market, ‘Vertical prides itself in its innovative and unique designs and has created over a thousand engineering designs including hundreds within the residential, commercial and industrial building segments and general steel, road construction and post service maintenance’’.

In his views, the managing director of CMB, Kelechukwu Mbagwu is of the opinion that, the merger will focus on creating and improving building construction technology with emphasis on innovative building design, structural stability and elevated professional competence as well as greatly enhancing operational capacity to improve construction quality, affordability as well as housing infrastructural delivery in Nigeria. 

‘’The Polish has the reputation in Europe as the best construction experts and are currently rated highly in the European Union Community, they’re very like Nigerians in their commitment to the principles and reward for hardwork, CMB and Vertical share same ideologies of the construction industry and the working synergy of CMB-VERTICAL shall be immediately saddled with projects such as a global community scheme for a Pan-African organization, affordable housing project for the police, Lagos Badagry development scheme, Fidelity bank and Nigeria Breweries, we envisage that within the next 2 years, we’re going to be the first indigenously grown construction company in the country’’, he said.

It would be recalled that, CMB has been one of Nigeria’s frontline estate developers with reputation and integrity for qualitative projects, the firm is also known for its high dedication for corporate social responsibility.