Following the alleged lesbian video of Miss Anambra Beauty Queen, Chidinma Okeke that went viral over the internet, her mother, Lady Nora Okeke has come out to say that her daughter did such act under some negative influence that is more powerful than her.

She said she wept sore when she saw the videos because she believes her daughter was not capable of doing such things. She noted that she would no longer shed tears but she has learnt to commit the issue in the hands of God.

“As a mother watching the video broke my heart but I have stopped crying and committed everything to the hands of God who always fight my battle.

She stated further that the whole act from the beginning was only a pawn used by both the organisers of the pageant and her ex-manager when she decided to break loose from their bondage.

“Chidimma was simply a pawn in the hands of both the organisers of Miss Anambra and her former manager hence things went awry when she decided to free herself from the bondage.” 

“The entire controversy affected my daughter because when I went to see her, she had emaciated so much and not looking after herself at all, when I asked her why her hair was so unkempt, she said, ‘Mummy leave that hair alone, that’s not my worry.’

Also speaking about the ugly incident was the father of Chidinma Sir Jeremiah Okeke who said that the people have succeeded in dragging the name of his daughter and family to the mud, but he will continue to ask God to fight for him. He added that the people involved in the dubious act told him on phone to declare that his daughter was missing.

 “I have embraced prayers and seeking the face of God and I know in no distant time he will expose the people behind all this. They have rubbished my daughter and my family name but my God will fight my battle, I trust Him and he has never failed me. How can a beauty queen be borrowing money to pay her driver, where is it done?

Why was the crown taken away from her three to five months before the due date for another queen to emerge? Why was I called and told to declare my daughter missing by the Managing Director of AB? A man does not say all that he has seen…leave that alone, God will expose the truth soon. This MD is neither known to me nor my wife.

Then he called me to suggest I declare my daughter missing? My response to him on the phone was- you say I should declare my own daughter Chidinma missing? Okay, I have heard you and I dropped the phone,” he added

He stated that the dethroned queen did not receive the full N1,000,000 naira that was promised.