A major beef between rapper MI and Vector has been averted in the Nigerian hip-hop sphere owing to the maturity of the chocolate city boss.


It all began when MI granted an interview claiming he is that guy that is always willing to rap alongside any rapper; but this claim did not go down well with another rapper vector who wasted no time in reacting by writing on social media.

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“Firstly, you mailed me a beat sometime ago on some ‘let’s make this dope record happen’ but yeah that was all it was,” said the upset Vector. “You were also supposed to be on the #Kingkongremix but yeah we all must have gotten very busy.”

He continued, “I’m not the type to involve in fake talks so… yeah… you said and i quote “i am the guy who wants to rap with everybody” ok then, LET’S RAP.”
Obviously not pleased with the above comment, MI wondered why Vector chose to talk about such things in public. But Vector was not done as he wrote another post that many believe was targeted towards MI again.

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“ we are being alerted about paid posts… lol. wow! making another man look funny when you can actually help your bro with the same act you have generously displayed towards me is mind bugging.

if this was a battle, we all know what it is already but its not. it’s addressing the shit we do to mess up hiphop for ourselves. pay your way to look good if you must, it wouldnt matter sooner or later based on no matter how good our barber be, hair go still show him true nature, e go grow how e naturally be, friction go scatter, barber go collect our money again.lol. real people over here tho. #flashbackfriday smile”.

It was at this point that MI stepped in and sued for peace “Going forward however,” he said, “I suggest that we have the rest of this conversation offline.”