Annette Cookey came to limelight during the MTN Project Fame West Africa, when she emerged the 3rd  runner-up in the 2008 edition of the contest.

 The singer who started singing when she was 10 doesn’t believe that sexuality can sell music.  However, she has five intimidating body parts that she has named.

Annette said “I am sure a lot of people will be wondering what has been happening to me since then. I am not going to say I am a s*x symbol but for some reasons, I often get sexually harassed and that really affected me as a person. It has also affected my career in music because I don’t trust anyone anymore. They will tell you that they want to work with you because you’re so talented, and at the same time, they will want sexual favours from you, and I don’t think that is proper.”

She added “Though, they say s*x sells, but I do not believe in that. I believe people should be modest in whatever they do. And when I refer to the past, people will say that things have changed. At least, I have watched Mary J. Blige a couple of times, and I can’t remember seeing her perform naked, or half naked, and she is not doing bad for herself. I don’t think you have to be naked to sell.

She names five intimidating things about her “My eyes, boobs, voice and my stature. I was standing somewhere recently, and a guy saw my boobs; he had to take some steps backwards and fixed his gaze on my boobs; he didn’t turn. I now asked him what he was doing but he pretended he was not doing anything. Even little children are affected by my boobs. The other day at the Cinemas, some kids offered to buy me lunch because of that. So I get that a lot.