The burning scene stunt that got Ani Iyoho more popular was not the first one he has done since joining Nollywood.  

Even though he has come out to say that it was a make believe scene, most people still not believe him. Ani said how he felt when he was set ablaze.

“This was not my first stunt though; my first was in 2007 when I had to jump from a storey building in a movie, ‘Chase’. I have done a martial art stunt as well, but this was the most challenging and daring so far. He went on “When I was set ablaze, it felt very warm. I was covered with a protective gear soaked in a protective gel. All I could feel was warmth. Being a stuntman, I knew better than to breathe-in during that process. I was very excited. We had done a test run to know what it would feel like.  It was like pouring warm water on oneself and it just kept getting hotter over time. During the test run, I  dipped my hand into a protective gel then sprinkled some fire accelerants on my hand and then set it on fire just to see how long I could hold on to it,” he said

After the incident., “My faith in humanity has been restored. There are people that I do not know who sent me messages on my social media platforms praying for me. There were a few other comments of people thinking I was a part of the scam. But I was honoured to see the number of people who sent me good luck messages. I never knew I was this loved.”