The revered Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Babatunde Akande Ogunwusi OJAJA II is set to be featured in a new Nollywood movie.

The Ooni of Ife character is played by versatile actor, Adedolamu Awolowo, in a blockbuster movie titled, ‘Agbara ati Ase’, a film that chronicles the impressive achievements of Oba Enitan Babatunde Akande Ogunwusi Ojaja II (the Ooni of Ife).

A king is the representative of Olodumare on earth and endowed with both physical and spiritual powers to govern, direct and protect his people against all odds. Though not a biopic, but an action thriller that tells how to be creative in governance most especially as a traditional ruler.

‘Agbara ati Ase’, which is directed by Yemi Amodu, glorifies good over evil of societal vices especially the internet fraud that is rampant among the youths. Using Kunle, a character that is played by Yinka Salau, whom the king leads from waywardness to adopt the legitimate way of life.

The dynamism of the plot is the Romeo and Juliet kind of adventure that pitches Dan Joseph Momodu of Jerommy fame against Kunle over the Princess. Adebimpe (a fast rising Wunmi) rejects Kunle for his bad characters and seeks love with Daniel. But true love never dies; Kunle metamorphosis to a model of rectitude and this brings a blockade to the comfort Adebimpe may be enjoying from her troubled romance with Daniel.

Another twist in Agbara ati Ase that is highly intriguing is the conflict between Olajide (Taiwo Hassan, Ogogo) and the king himself. The eclectic plot of the film reveals so many trouble for the king to resolve but owing to his King Solomon kind of wisdom, he is able to bring peaceful resolution to the menacing crisis facing his community.