Nollywood actress Nancy Isime corrected the erroneous notion that actors and actresses take deep pleasure in kissing scenes when shooting movies.

The Diva explained that as for her she only kiss on set when her job as an actress demands it.

While speaking in an interview with media personality, Dadaboy, Nancy Isime revealed that, no thespian enjoys kissing when there are over a thousand eyes watching them.

She went further, highlighting about that she only enjoy being involve in s-x or kissing scenes with actors who understands that what ever they do is merely base on the script.

Nancy Isime said, “Well, it’s a script, and Yes, I do kiss in movies. But Why will I enjoy it? 5,000 people around you. Enjoy what? I never enjoy doing anything. There are cameras around, it’s a scene. I prefer to actually have kissing scenes with seasoned actors who understand the professionalism of a kissing scene or a s-x scene.

“S-x scene of course because everybody is all dressed up but there is movement. So there are literally people who understand the job and are focused and are literally just running through a script.”