Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo, has made it clear that playing the role of a cultist does not mean he is one in real life.

The 58-year-old mentioned this in a Punch interview on Saturday.

It is most unfortunate that even when one plays certain roles, some youths cannot distinguish between one and the character. Just because one acted as a criminal on TV, some persons see the actor as a criminal. Meanwhile, an actor has to be flexible.

Acting as a ‘ritualist’ does not mean one is a ritualist in real life. Anyway, I see those who think that way as uneducated, uninformed and having complex problems, he said.

Kanayo has played the role of a ritualist in several movies.

His character has made many of his followers make comments on him being a ritualist in many of his Instagram posts.

Born Anayo Onyekwere, Kanayo O Kanayo was called to bar as Barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in September 2020.

Some of his occultic movies include Occultic Altar, Occultic Mission and Occultic Battle.