Lizy Anjorin, is not doubt a talented young woman who is also hard working as a producer and actress. But we cannot turn our attention away from the many controversies that have characterize her career and her images.

 From the well celebrated issue she had with a former lover whom she claimed the lover used love portion on her that is how she ended up dating him, to the well noised feud with older actor Saidi Balogun on the clash they had on who should stage their event on July 7,2017(Liz had a movie premier on the july 7 and saidi was celebrating the grand finale of his 50th birthday on the same day).

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Liz was always excellent in brewing controversies as well as her craft.

Now in a move that looks like she wants to clean up herself. and ask God for mercy so as not to run into controversies again, she has journeyed to Mecca, the seed of Islam and has performed her first meddina.

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She posted a picture of herself in the Islamic holy land and wrote, : “My Ist jumat in meddina.” We pray God give her mercy and when next you see her feel free to say hello Alhaja.©