Nollywood box office breaker , Omoni Oboli has revealed the one thing she can never do for the sake of the job called acting and it is kissing an actor with mouth odour.

The actress who was treating questions from journalist in Lagos was asked about handling bad breath on set, gave a very emphatic answer…

‘No o, I won’t kiss him o!’ she exclaimed.I will not kiss him o, I will tell the director that I cannot kiss him.‘Everybody knows that I am very particular about kissing scenes. So before we begin, I always say you need to find out if the actor’s breath is fresh.”

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She proceeded to explain that directors know her and will ensure they bring someone who always has fresh breath particularly if she has never met the actor before. She however explained that actors like Desmond Elliot and Ramsey Noah whom she know, she will give them mint to refresh their breath incase in has gone stale on set.


Omoni said, ‘If the actor is someone I am comfortable with, like Ramsey, Desmond Elliot or someone else, I prefer to give them mint, and tell them, young man, let’s help ourselves.

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‘We both don’t want to be smelling each other’s breaths. I always make sure that their breath is fresh, we would both freshen our breaths because I will not want to offend anyone, if you know what I mean.’©