IT’S tough to make a style statement in the rainy season. Fashion during the rains should be simple, funky and fun, but never full-length. In a formal setting, choose sleeves which end at the elbow. And ditch those ankle-length skirts and trousers — it is more comfortable to wipe wet hands and feet clean with a hand-towel, rather than enter the office with full-length sleeves and trousers that are dripping wet.

In the rains, it’s best to select skirts that streamline your body (the same goes for dresses). Go for a knee-length straight fit, or an A-line fit. For a formal look, pair it with a shirt. A billowing skirt in the rain is a disaster waiting to happen.

The denim skirt is an option for college wear (that doesn’t mean ultra-short or ultra-tight — just above or below the knee is fine). Team it with a striped tee shirt and belt, slung low at the waist. For a night out, a denim skirt will go well with a lightly embellished top.

Even when it comes to jeans in the rainy season, they are best avoided. They tend to get heavy with water if you’re caught in the rain.

The best option pants-wise in the rainy season is Capris. You can team them with tee shirts, strap tops and halters. To make a statement, choose a long tee and a wide belt to go with your capris. At work, opt for a shirt or fitted kurtis over your capris.