Rukky Sanda came into Nollywood as a breath of fresh air in 2004 with her role in Angel and the Beast. She’s got brain, face and attitude. Ever since 2004, she has remained scandal-free until some ‘mischievous’ people went to town with the tale of her fighting with another actress, Mercy Johnson over D’Banj. She denied the rumour and refused to let it distract her.

As a way of showing that she is far ahead of rumour-mongers, she has now delved into movie production aside acting that brought her fame in the industry. The venture has brought her into vast wealth and influence. Jackie Appiah, Ramsey Nouah and other big wigs have taken part in her movie. And the quality of works she is producing testifies that this graduate of Economics is definitely not doing badly. Her latest movie, ‘The Lethal Woman’ is a testimony to that fact. There is talk in the industry that she is one of the richest actresses around. That is not too bad for a 26-year-old.

How many jobs have you done this year?
I’ve done about eight or nine jobs.

Which of the movies have you done this year?
The Lethal Woman. I wrote and produced it. I acted alongside Oge Okoye, Ngozi Ezeonu and others. It is marketed in Nigeria by Bonag Industries, and in Ghana by Diamond Pictures. It has just been released in Nigeria for about two weeks now and it is doing very well in the market.

How many copies has it sold?
I won’t tell you that, all you need to know is that the copies in Ghana has been sold out and they are requesting for more.

How much did you invest in it?
I invested a couple of millions.

Who sponsored the movie?
I have an executive producer, a woman but I won’t disclose her name.

I’m suspecting your mum.

Which other jobs have been released this year?
Die-hard Lover. I acted alongside Omotola Jalade, Nonzo Diobi, it was directed by Ogechukwu Onyeka and produced by Victor. Tomorrow must wait will be out on Monday it features Omotola and Nonso as well.

You and Omotola have been acting together, why is that?
It’s the same producer that produced Die-hard Lover that produced Tomorrow Must Wait.

Aside movies, what else have you been up to?
I’ve been into movies, writing, producing. I’ve produced another movie called Obscure Motives. I acted alongside are Ramsey Nouah, Yemi Black and I produced it.

When is it coming out?
In about one or two months, because there is another one that we want to release together with it. Myself and Uche Jombo came up with the idea together. It is just that we are waiting for a Ghanaian actor, Van Vicer.

You seem to be going too fast and becoming a big girl in the movie industry?
There is nothing like that. I only know about movies and I only produce the movies I write. I don’t buy scripts.

Which gives you most kick, producing or acting?
Producing. Acting is what I have passion for and producing is business and experience. When I wrote my first script, I sought for buyers and I discovered that what I got was not worth it and then I was lucky to get someone to invest in my script.

Is it not too risky for a young girl like you to be producing?
There is nothing risky in it. If any man can do it, why can’t I do it? If I wasn’t sure it would sell, I would not do it in the first place.

Do you intend to stay put in your mum’s house until marriage?
Of course!

How far with you and marriage?
I am not going into that for now.

Has acting been fair to you?
Definitely, and I thank God. You learn from the bad things and it will make you a better person.

When those bad things happen how you do feel?
Every experience makes you better. The good things are the benefits you get for a while.

What are your plans?
I’m planning to concentrate on production, script writing and acting for now, maybe later I will do something else.

How do you feel when they refer to you as movie big girl?
I am hearing that from your mouth.

How do you feel when you read bad things about you?
There have not been many bad things about me except for some stupid rumours which I care less about. I know God will punish those behind it.

How is it with you and Mercy Johnson?
Please don’t ask me that question.

Are you still friends with D’Banj?
Don’t ask me questions relating to that.

How is your man doing?
Samuel, I’m not interested in those questions. You can just ask me about what I’m doing now.

What do you look for in a man?
God-fearing, honesty, understanding and he must be real.
How do you feel that you have grown this much considering the fact that you started in 2004?
I thank God, and I know I’m working very hard.

But there are others who are also working hard?
That’s their business. Maybe they are not working hard enough. Everybody has their own life, every one’s luck is different. They should keep trying harder.

What does true love means to you?
It means when you have strong emotional feelings for somebody.

Has love been fair to Rukky?
Love has been fair to me. Love has been fair to everybody, God has been fair to us all.

Have you got your fingers burnt in the game of love before?
No comment.