•There will be no Sisi Clara, Councillor Balogun, and characters of other late actors
•Tunde Oloyede to head production
•To be shown on many TV stations
•Sponsors wanted

In the 70s, one TV drama that held everyone spellbound was the Village Headmaster. It is widely believed that since the drama was rested, there has never been anything like it on TV.

People who watched it then still long for the rested programme and more often than not they nostalgically compare what we have on TV now with the Village Headmaster.
Characters like Councillor Balogun, Oloja of Oja, Gorimapa, Sisi Clara, Teacher Oghene and the rest made the drama series worth people’s while.

The present generation, wonder what it was that made the TV series such a great programme to have made their parents and grandparents talk about it with nostalgic feelings.
Since the news of possible return of New Village Headmaster sneaked into town the old and new generation have been looking forward to it with great expectations. ‘What will it look like? What will happen to the role played by Sisi Clara, Councillor Balogun and others that are now late? Will the drama still be in a village setting and the rest? Will it still hold viewers spellbound as the old programme used to be?

Showbiz Now sought to find anwser to these questions by speaking with the creator of Village Headmaster, Ambassador Segun Olusola, and he was more than gracious to tell us what to expect and most importantly what not to expect.

Content on TV nowadays
I am not happy when I don’t understand what they are doing. By not being happy has nothing to do with if they are doing well or not. It’s just that the style and the mode of television programming nowadays is just so fast for me to comprehend. I am begging that we need to come back to good old time television. Then, I will be able to comment and will be able to advise.

Difference between the good old time and what we have now
The good old time television tells the story. Even when we watch drama like the Village Headmaster, you can pick up a story from the beginning to the end. These days, all we see is dancing and I guess the young ones like it. For instance I enjoy the morning hour programme on AIT.

View on Nollywood
Nollywood came about as a way of popularizing films which requires money, technology of film making. When Nollywood came in, we looked down on it. But now I have seen Nollywood, I have spoken to their leaders and I believe that if Nollywood. had not been introduced, Nigeria would have been a backward country. I want to congratulate those who are leading Nollywood, I think they should go ahead.

People say the content is shallow?
I think those who think the content is shallow should go and produce their own. Let them go and produce what they consider not shallow. There are some of us that if we were to judge by the content of our hearts then there won’t be any film in the public places.

On the New Village Headmaster
Oh yes! Plans are on with, Chief Tunde Oloyede, one of the longest producers of the Village Headmaster with many media practitioners. I can’t say for sure the time but I know it will come out.

Level of involvement
I will assist in any way possible. Don’t forget that the Village Headmaster was originally created by me. The story of the Village Headmaster was published by me and it is still available in the market. There is no way I will not be interested or involved in the Village Headmaster project because I wrote the original story.

Has shooting commenced?
They are still trying to get sponsors.

What about Oja Village?
Nigeria has not moved away from the village setting. There are still a large number of villages in this country. We are going to be designing our village where we will have the Hausas, Igbos, transporters and many more. It will still be an Oja village.

Some people who participated in the last Village Headmaster are late, how do you get their replacement?
We have to design other characters, because we cannot reinvent those who have passed on. We shall make reference to them, but that is not going to stop other new characters. We will have replacements in characterization. We cannot re-invent another Sisi Clara or councillor Balogun.

Will it be as compelling as the old one?
We will still be meeting with the producer and the director where we will express all of these opinions and at the end of the day, we will have a better Village Headmaster in this country and beyond.

Who will be the producer and the director?
They will be made known to the public in due course. The head of the production team is Chief Tunde Oloyede who is the longest serving producer of the Village Headmaster.