Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has urged everyone in the world to become more prayerful following the recent crisis that’s been happening around the world. The hurricane flood that hit Houston Texas and the Sierraleone crisis.


In a recent post she shared on her gram, she noted that the reason why the world is faced with such crisis is because people have taken prayers and Jesus out of context. She also emphasised on the need to embrace the prayer culture, so things can get back to being normal.

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“This is what the world needs to do right now. Taking prayer and Jesus out of the equation is destroying everything faster than normal. No place is safe anymore. Science cannot prevent or fix these problems. It cannot explain a lot of things that are happening to the world today. We need to get ourselves back to prayer.

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We need our schools to start praying again. Contrary to what a lot of people have said to me, intelligence, education and hard work alone cannot solve these problems. Without God, nothing can work. Love me or hate me, this is my stand. Bring the prayers back.”

Even though the Nollywood actress might still be in the black book of many following her marriage scandal with Doris Simon’s husband, who she is currently married to, she hopes people will take this seriously.