Good name is better than riches is one of the strongest statements in the Bible which has also been borrowed by our elders in a form of advise anytime we do something contrary to that statement.

It is as a result of this strong statement that guides us to do positive things in our quest to make money and legacy for our future and children.There are some names in our movie industry who should be given unending applause for their contribution in selling Ghana to the outside world as much as film making is concerned.

Interestingly, we have the new crop of actors and the old crop of actors but recent investigations have revealed that the new crop of actors have done remarkable achievements in the Ghanaian movie industry than the former. That not withstanding, there has been this artificial partitioning of Twi movie producers and English movie producers who are fighting for supremacy among themselves.

The popular actors who make up the Twi movie industry thick include the ubiquitous Agya Koo, Kyeiwaa, Katawere, Mr. Beautiful, Nana Ama McBrown, Emelia Brobbey, Vivian Jill and many more making the list a very tall one. These crop of actors do not mind who their director is, all they look for in their profession is the interpretation of their script and a personality to hold the position as a director.

The English movie makers who grace our silver screens also include screen bod boy Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Juliet Ibrahim, Prince David Osei, Yvonne Nelson, Martha Ankomah and a tall list of fresh faces who are also making waves in the capital. These class are very choosy to the level of even which production house they should work with and sometimes the casts they will be working with in a movie.

This is the point of today`s article as it is progressing from that angle. The case at hand is a gossip, I mean a street gossip which was passed on to our office over the weekend by a Twi movie producer who wants to cross over to the English market. Having been in the Twi movie world for the past two years, he has successfully released his latest English movie The Supremo, a well directed movie by a Ghanaian director Asare Bediako.

In an interview with the CEO and the executive producer of the movie Mr. Joseph K. Serebour, when press people asked him the difficulties he faced as much as the cross over is concerned, he made these chilling revelations about the people we think want the local movie production to grow.

“Yes, I faced many difficulties when I started calling these new people for the production. Some were easy to deal with though but at the same time some proved very difficult in their process. One person who proved very difficult was Majid who told me in the face that he would not be in any production if the movie will be directed by a Ghanaian director.

He added that the Ghanaian directors do not know much in that field and as much as he wants perfection, he won`t work with any Ghanaian producer” Serebour revealed. “At the moment, I have been forced to give one of my movies to Nigerian director Pascal Amanfo because Majid is only ready to work with me if Pascal will be the director of the movie” he added.

As much as we want our movie industry to grow, we cannot do so under the wings of other people since it will mean that the Ghanaian movie industry cannot stand on its own. This coupled with Agya Koo`s current behaviour is not the pedestal on which we want our movie industry to grow.

Our Humble appeal to these stars is to let our own people do all the necessary assignments on the movies so the monies which will be accrued in the business will not leave us to other people. It is also written in the Bible that a prophet is not respected in his own country but well respected in other countries. Though the Supremo was directed by a Ghanaian Asare Bediako, it passes as one of the best films to have been released recently.