A few days after I went to check on my friend in hospital, I realised the danger in breaking someone’s heart, especially a loved one. It was after my encounter that I knew that breaking someone’s heart can lead to the person’s death.

It’s been two days since I last spoke to the man that was everything to me at some point. I was with him for seven years and we have a four-year-old daughter.

But curiously, he walked out of the marriage, abandoning me and my daughter. I knew a long time ago that things weren’t going right between us. It all started when I noticed how he was treating me with disrespect, how he was always hiding phone numbers, especially of some unfamiliar callers, in his phone and so on. I could feel the fact that there was no love lost between us. But when you are in love, you are sometimes blinded by the love. In other word, you tell yourself it is right even when it is obvious that it is clearly wrong.

It was extremely hard not calling him in a day because he’s my best friend. Before then, whenever things got bad, I would call him to unburden my heart. Now, things are hard, but I can’t call him. He is the cause anyway, and I feel like I am falling backwards and even struggling to hold on to him, so that I won’t fall. But regrettably, he isn’t giving me his hand. Oh, well, I guess it can only get better from here for us all. I don’t see myself feeling any greater pains than I have so far experienced. I think I am ready to start the healing process; and from the calendar, it looks like I have about a year of healing. So, I think it is time I started.

That was exactly what happened to my friend sometimes ago. I remember when she called me about five years ago, she was so excited about her new relationship. But it turned out to be another case of a heart robber; he has broken so many hearts.

Over the years, I have realised that a lot of guys take pleasure in breaking ladies’ hearts. They seem to do this when they find out that a particular lady is crazily in love with them. So, don’t dwell too much on what you don’t have. Breaking up is never easy for anybody; it’s a time when people feel like the end of the world has come and nobody can help them. Don’t feel like there is nobody in the world but your ex. If that was the case, human beings wouldn’t exist. If people only loved once, life wouldn’t continue through break-ups and deaths. You will love again, you will find somebody better. So, be patient, and you will be happy. I have said it before that things like this only make you stronger; so, become a stronger and better person.

I wish everyone the best and trust that we will all make it out on the other side as better and stronger people in the society.
Try this:

A. Count the number of weeks that you knew the person before the relationship turned romantic and then, divide the period by 2.
B. Count the number of weeks that you were romantically involved.
C. Add A and B
D. Count the average number of days per week that you saw him/her during the romance, and divide this number by 2
E. Multiply C and D – that’s how many weeks it will take to begin to feel normal.
Good luck!