If Ghanaian actor, Van Viker is not modifying his demand to get the American right to every movie he features in Nigeria he moght be losing lots of jobs soon. According to a source that is close to the almighty Alaba marketers, a move is already on to ban Van Viker because of his hard stand to get the right to market the copyright of the movies he features in America.

Our source said the marketers feel insulted every time Van Viker demands for the right to market the America copyright of every movie he shot in Nigeria. “for God sake we are paying this foreigner how can he come here to dictate what to do with the copyright of the movie we produce with our hard earned money.

Van Viker is too small an actor to make such demand moreover he is not an investor he is just one of the people we call to work. Let him not think he has now arrived because we chose to use him. Let him not get swollen headed, we can ban him. Even our big starts like Nkem Owoh, Ramsey Nouah, Emeka Ike and the rest don’t ask for America copyright. How can he reap where he did not sow? If he wants the copyright he should go and produce his own movie. Let those who know him warn him, he might lose all the jobs coming from Nigeria if he continues with such egoistic stance” an enrage marketer told us.

Another marketer who wouldn’t like his name in print told that the sales of the copyright are other means through which they make money since sales of movies have dropped. “Giving Van Viker the right to market the copyright in America is like selling our birthright. We can’t afford to do that. We are the one paying the piper, we should dictate the tune.”
Like they say in my homeland, ‘a word is enough for a wise’, let Van Viker beware.

By Samuel olatunji